A paradise for outdoors people

Tolne Camping is located in Vendsyssel, halfway between Frederikshavn and Hjørring. The camping is surrounded by the beautiful forests and fields, among which is Tolne Skov (Denmark’s northernmost beech forest). This forest has many walking and cycling paths and you will find many berries and mushrooms.

Being located near the tip of Denmark, beaches are closeby. Furthermore, there are many other trips to be made to the Oceanarium, Zoo or an amusement park. Or discover the history of nearby villages and cities or go shopping there and drink a cup of coffee or a glass of craft beer in a quaint café.


Tolne Camping is located close to a number of beaches. Jerup is nearest to the camping at only a 14 km drive and offers a magnificent view of the sunrise. Tversted is a 20 km drive and has high dunes, fine sand and a breathtaking sunset. The palmstranden of Frederikshavn offer an undeep, child-friendly setting and are located about 20 km from the camping. A bit further north at a 26 km drive there is the beach of Skagen. Here you can visit the Bunkermuseum, or stand on the northernmost tip of Denmark and watch the North and Baltic Seas meet each other.


Tolne Camping is an ideal location for a cycling holiday. Through the surrounding forest (Tolne Skov) there are the Hærvejsruten and the Tolneruten, both taking you to magnificent views and through beautiful woodlands. Besides this, there are multiple cycling routes throughout Vendsyssel offering panoramic views. For those who prefer to cycle off-road also have plenty of routes and opportunities. The differing landscape with hills to the flat land near the coast offers a varied experience for bicycle racing.

Hiking & Walking

Tolne Camping is surrounded by the beautiful Tolne Skov. This forest is rich in bird fauna and home to deer, foxes and other forest creatures. The Skovpavillion is the starting point for three walking routes which lead you to burial mounds and other historical monuments. From the Bålhøje (burial mounds) you can see until Frederikshavn, and on a clear day even to the island of Læsø. From the hills of Tolne Bakker you have a view on the cape of Skagens Odde and the shifting dune of Råbjerg Mille.

Mountain biking

In the direct vicinity of the camping there are a number of official paths for off-road cycling. These lead you through forests, dunes and the beach. The routes are different in length, both for more and less advanced off-road cyclists. We would love to show what paths are near the camping. 

Perfectly suited for children

The vicinity of Tolne Camping is full of activities for families with children. The birdreserve of Eagle World in Tuen, here the ways birds of prey hunt are shown.  In Ålbæk one finds Farm Fun, a large petting zoo and attraction park. In Hirtshals the largest aquarium in Northern-Europe is located. It is both a fun and educational visit for children. Furthermore, there is the waterpark Fårup Sommerland and the Aalborg Zoo. A few kilometers from camping in Mosbjerg flows the Uggerby Å, here one can go canoeing, or fishing.

Towns and villages

Tolne camping is located halfway between Frederikshavn and Hjørring. In Hjørring there is ample opportunity to go shopping and going out for a meal. Frederikshavn offers a variety of shops, bars, cafés and restaurants. Additionally, there is the Bangsbo nature park which contains a petting zoo and a botanical garden. From Frederikshavn, you can make an one-day trip to the nearby island of Læsø. Visit the largest shifting dune in Denmark in Bunken, the Råbjerg Mile. In Hirtshals one finds the Oceanarium and the Bunkermuseum. Further north there is the charming town of Skagen, where one can visit the candy makers at Bolcheriet. Here children can watch their candy being made the old-fashioned way.